I am the CEO and founder of CT Consultants Co, LLC

I am excited to be partnering with National Processing. I have the best team in place so that we can offer significant savings to current customers, and many new customers. We have been able to save thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees. Why not let us save you money? It is super easy, no obligation or pressure, and if we can’t save you money then we will give you money–$500 to be exact! ***must process $10 K per month to qualify for the $500 gift card.

Let me tell you a little about my background and expertise. My specialty is improving workflow processes in medical and healthcare facilities. With more than 30 years Practice Management experience, I am an expert in many facets of medical practice operations and management. Many businesses find themselves needing onsite, or ad hoc, consultants for various projects relative to improving accounts receivables, implementing or changing EHR, or just review, edit and maintenance of specific projects.

Because of my extensive background in medical management and administration, I am able to offer a unique skillset in consulting services to the healthcare industry. Building quality relationships with practice managers and administrators to create better workflow and processes is my passion. I am goal-oriented and when tasked with a project, very focused on the end result. As a seasoned administrator, I understand the day-in and day-out constant pressures that present throughout.

I am the perfect solution for the projects you just do not have time to coordinate and finish. Call me for a free consultation to discuss your needs. I would love to be part of your process, and solution!

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